Principal Media brings two diverse new shows to the international broadcast market

Principal Media, Libra’s Hollywood-based media production and distribution company, has recently completed the sale of two new, innovative TV shows for the international broadcast market. Principal’s offering is a diverse mix of content across genres and styles and these two series of an example of that, spanning cars and sports stars.

Geared Up is a new take on the familiar car show format. Presented by husband-and-wife team Kelly and Ralph Biase, with Damon Sasso and directed by Jonathan Perkins, this under-the-hood reality tv series taps into the new ‘resto-mod’ phenomenon where vintage cars are modified and re-engineered with modern components. The result is fascinating blend of technology, classic styling, and high performance driving. Principal has sold the rights for this show to major European international broadcaster RMC. A trailer for the show can be found here:

In addition, the TV series Sports Adventure has been sold to MBC1, a private, free-to-air satellite broadcasting company in the Middle East. The concept sees the world’s top adventure athletes as they showcase their adrenaline rush through participation in thrilling sports exploits, such as whitewater kayaking, extreme skiing, epic climbing, big mountain snowboarding, extreme motorsports, and big wave surfing. A trailer for the show can be found here:

“We believe strongly in diverse, quality content,” says Vassili Kalamotusis, CEO at Principal Media. “It’s great to be able to bring these new, exciting shows to different audiences around the world. We feel sure they will enjoy them.”

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