Global Presence

Libra Group, and its subsidiaries that own and operate assets in nearly 60 countries across five continents, have offices in 26 regional hubs.

A global map of Libra Group's location
A global map of Libra Group's location

Offices By Sector

Below are the key locations of our offices of both Libra Group and our subsidiaries by sector.

Diversified Investments
Hotels and Hospitality
Real Estate
Renewable Energy

Athens, Greece

Baden, Canada

Barranquilla, Colombia

Beijing, China

Hamilton, Bermuda

Bogotá, Colombia

Bremen, Germany

Bucharest, Romania

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dublin, Ireland

L’Anse, MI, USA

London, England

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Madrid, Spain

Miami, FL, USA

New York, NY, USA

Palatka, FL, USA

Panama City, Panama

Rijeka, Croatia

Riga, Latvia

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Singapore, Singapore

St. Petersburg, Russia

Toronto, Canada

Warsaw, Poland

Washington, DC, USA