About Us

Libra Group is a privately owned, global business group that encompasses 30 operating entities – 20 businesses predominately focused on aviation, energy, maritime, real estate, hospitality, and diversified investments, in addition to various social initiatives. With assets and operations in nearly 60 countries, Libra Group applies the strength of its global network and capabilities to deliver cross-sector insights and growth at scale, while mitigating risk. Today, Libra Philanthropies includes 10 independently-run social initiatives created to address unmet needs and grantmaking that helps people worldwide. Throughout its 30 entities, the Group is focused on maintaining its innovative culture supporting human potential, and always delivering growth with social impact – twin engines that power the Libra ecosystem.

By using the insights and reach of our global platform, Libra Group through its philanthropic organization Libra Philanthropies supports, scales, and grows social programs that move the needle on critical issues across the globe. Our 10 social programs span maternal mental health, youth engagement, access to education and healthcare, mentorship, cross-sector collaboration, and diverse entrepreneurship support for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals. The work is united by a commitment to supporting individuals and communities who have been historically unseen, overlooked, and underserved. Learn more here.