Convergen pellets approved for use at LWEC in Michigan

Convergen Energy’s L’Anse Warden power plant, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA, has received approval from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to utilise its own engineered fuel pellets in the power generation process. The new permit allows Convergen to burn its pellets made from repurposed industrial waste by-products, typically consisting of 60-85% paper.

At the conclusion of a public comment period which ended in February, and a public hearing in January, the permit was issued and endorses Convergen’s approach to using cleaner fuels in the overall mix it uses in the plant to generate renewable power and steam. The long-term test period for this exercise began in 2017 under a temporary permit.

In addition, the plant has installed a Dry-Sorbent Injection system which controls emissions. “The DSI is a great benefit,” explains Convergen CEO Ted Hansen. “This plant will have the cleanest emissions it’s ever had.” The use of Convergen fuel pellets supports overall participation in the energy production supply chain and is part of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement of L’Anse Warden’s renewable fuel capabilities.

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