New Principal Media content streaming deals

Content streaming deals promoting vintage cars, sports, friendships, and wolves.

Principal Media, Libra Group’s media production and distribution company based in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, has secured a number of new streaming deals for its diverse content. Shows including Bounce, Paper Friends and Find me a Classic will soon be available via TV networks throughout the U.S. and international markets.

The original Insight TV series Find me a Classic has been sold to broadcaster DIRECTV. The series follows Mat Watson, a charismatic car expert, as he travels throughout Europe to track down classic cars for his demanding clients, with a set budget and five-day timeframe. Each episode features the hunt to secure one iconic car for keen classic car collectors.

This follows the sale of highly-rated film Bounce: How the Ball Taught the World to Play, also to DIRECTV. The film explores the importance of ball games in human social evolution. ‘The documentary is at its best during its more observational moments: a man in the Congo bundling plastic shopping bags and tying them tightly in a ball for the children to kick or nature footage of bonobo chimps, dolphins, and other animals delighting in bouncing or pursuing a ball. These moments are the film’s best arguments concerning our abiding fascination with balls,’ wrote one critic.

Principal also sold Paper Friends, the story of a group of college friends reuniting after twenty years for a classic New York City night, to American pay TV channel, BET. From the production company, Dique Pic Productions, it is the second motion picture from Jasmin Greene (who directs) and Marti Hines who were college friends themselves at Hampton University. Established in 2015, their company aims to bridge the representation gap for women of colour in Hollywood.

Later last year, Principal also sold Return of the Wolves – How they changed Yellowstone National Park, for broadcast on DirecTV. This documentary film was directed by Jürgen Hansen and Simone Stripp and produced by Prospect TV, with Principal Media as the distributor for the USA. In 1995, wolves were reintroduced in the Yellowstone National Park, 70 years after they had been eradicated. The film reveals the fascinating story of how the reinstatement of this controversial species miraculously restored the ecology and biology of a National Park.

“Finding and promoting new quality content is at the heart of what we do,” comments Vassili Kalamotusis, CEO at Principal Media. “We are always on the lookout for new and exciting material to promote and welcome these latest titles to the line-up which we are sure audiences will enjoy.”

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