Lomar Shipping Announces Launch of lomarlabs

Leading shipowner and manager Lomar today launches a venture to collaborate with deep-tech startups.

lomarlabs will join forces with ambitious entrepreneurs to catalyse the deployment of solutions that address some of the industry’s biggest challenges, including the objective of net-zero emissions.

lomarlabs is led by former Lomar Technical Director Stylianos Papageorgiou, who has been appointed its Managing Director.

Lomar Shipping CEO, Nicholas Georgiou, says: “One of the biggest challenges that maritime technology companies face is access to the physical infrastructure of vessels and shipyards, to test and fine-tune their creative innovations. The maritime assets of Lomar and our wider Libra Group means we can provide that infrastructure, experience and expertise to help shape solutions that will make a real difference.”

He continues: “We understand that each step we take in the maritime industry – every action or inaction – is now tethered to a planetary and human urgency. We bear that responsibility. We are establishing lomarlabs to help resolve some of our industry’s greatest challenges, none more so than committing to a greener policy for the future and aiding in the decarbonisation of our industry.”

Stylianos Papageorgiou explains: “We see significant scientific advances and high-tech engineering innovations coming at a speed never experienced before. lomarlabs is here to catalyse the deployment of deep technologies into everyday shipping operations.

“We add value to start-ups and established tech companies in various ways, including  making our fleet of Lomar vessels available as floating labs, testing and validating business model assumptions and providing the catalytic funding a company may need to test their solution or overcome a marketing hurdle.

“We are already looking at initiatives that focus on energy efficiency, alternative fuels & electrification, low-carbon economy and autonomous shipping. Our portfolio pursues three themes; safety & security, decarbonisation and the ‘future of work’. We are currently looking at innovations addressing energy efficiency, fuel transition, carbon capture & removal and automation. We are excited to soon announce the projects we’ve been working on over the past few months.”

Our venture lab will be sharing information over the coming weeks that reflect our investment in the deep-tech and maritime technology space.

For further information about lomarlabs visit: www.lomarlabs.com. Or email hello@lomarlabs.com.

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