Greenwood Fuels Receives Manufacturing Award of Distinction

Greenwood Fuels received the 2010 Manufacturing Award of Distinction during a ceremony held by the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. Now a decade-old tradition, this event honours companies who have achieved continued excellence in manufacturing and supporting local economic development.

Ted Hansen, General Manager of Greenwood, accepted the award on the company’s behalf. “We are honoured to receive this award. We work hard to create a product that provides a viable and cleaner alternative to coal while creating and sustaining quality manufacturing jobs here in Green Bay,” Hansen conveyed to the audience.

The programme is open to manufacturers headquartered or with significant operations in counties in northeast Wisconsin. Award categories are based on company size, length of time in business, use of high technology and exporting. Greenwood won the “Small Company” category.

Greenwood Fuels is committed to delivering cost-effective renewable fuel solutions to a wide range of customers that are seeking a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to coal. Since 2009, Greenwood has been operating its manufacturing facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with annual production capacity of approximately 150,000 tons and is currently developing other facilities in the USA and abroad.

Greenwood produces superior renewable fuels from an efficient process that repurposes a broad array of industrial waste streams otherwise destined for regional landfills. The company’s products are specifically designed for use with existing infrastructure, thereby eliminating the substantial upfront capital expense associated with other renewable technologies.

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