Seleni ha formado a más de 4000 profesionales de la salud mental en todo el mundo

Seleni Institute, the non-profit organization founded by Libra Group Chairman and CEO, George Logothetis, and his wife, Nitzia, has now trained over 4,000 mental health professionals around the world. This extensive milestone takes in 35 countries across six continents, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Greece and the UK.

Based in the US, Seleni's offering covers mental health support for mothers, parents and families, alongside developmental training for those working and studying in perinatal services. Over 61 million adults in the US alone experienced mental illness or disorder in 2019, and that number has risen sharply through the pandemic.

Alongside Seleni's own provision of therapy and counselling to families, the institute's training ethos helps empower other professionals to treat many thousands of people globally who need support, now and in the future.


The Seleni training provision can be viewed here.

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