Two new bulk carriers added to the Lomar Shipping fleet

The Libra Group shipping subsidiary Lomar Shipping has added to its fleet of bulk carriers recently with the acquisition of a pair of 53,400 DWT ‘supramax’ vessels.

The Crete Trader (built 2009 and formerly Eolus) and and Syros Trader (built 2008, formerly Teton) were acquired from Lomar’s established trading partner Zenith Shipping for a combined price of USD $26 million. Supramax vessels are designed to enter and exit smaller ports, with a carrying capacity between 48,000 and 60,000 DWT, making them a particularly versatile and flexible vessel class.

Lomar’s diverse and modern fleet now numbers around 65 container vessels, bulk carriers, and chemical and product tankers with an average age of approximately seven years per vessel.

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