FCA Group relaunches as independent Libra Group brand

Libra Group has announced the re-establishment of FCA Group as an independent brand within the corporate stable. Now with a new and dedicated management team, the company will once again operate as an autonomous business unit serving Central America and the Caribbean with a headquarters in Panama. Libra has held a portfolio of premium commercial real estate in this region, mostly in Panama City, since 2005.

In recent years, FCA has been operating as part of the Elandis real estate subsidiary. This move allows Elandis to focus exclusively on investment in multifamily housing in North America.

Libra’s portfolio of premium commercial real estate in Central America originates with the creation of FCA Group almost two decades ago, carefully investing and divesting according to market cycles. FCA’s investment targets are typically located in primary or secondary markets secured by leases from strong and stable tenants.

FCA’s new website showcases both current and historic real estate investments. The company’s current portfolio includes office space available for rent in the heart of Panama City and in the popular suburb of Chanis. These include multiple office units in the iconic F&F Tower – one of the most recognizable buildings in the city.

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