Renewable Energy

The Libra Group, a privately-owned international business group whose subsidiaries have assets and operations in over 50 countries, is predominately active in six sectors including renewable energy. Its subsidiaries will soon reach the one-gigawatts mark in the development of renewable energy projects, including solar, wind, and waste-to-energy. This includes more than 220 projects owned, currently under development, or previously developed in six countries.

The Group also has experience in biogas production, clean power generation and low emission fuels derived from industrial and agricultural by-products.

In North America, Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure is focused on the investment, development, operation and financing of both distributed generation and utility-scale solar energy projects. As of January 2022, the company developed approximately 200 MW in 32 renewable energy projects, many of which are still owned or operated by GSI.

In Central and South America, its sister company, Greenwood Energy, is involved in the development, installation, operation and financing of projects in the cleantech space with a focus on distributed generation. It is currently developing or managing close to 100 MW of on-site solar energy systems for public and private sector organizations wishing to offset their energy costs in Latin America, including the first utility-scale project in Panama.

Other energy holdings include Convergen Latvia, which operates three biogas plants in Latvia, and EuroEnergy (www.euroenergy.com), which operates solar and wind farms across Europe.

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