Created in 2009, Elandis owns and manages multifamily real estate assets, providing affordable housing options in growing economic zones of opportunity and supporting community development. The company invests in properties where it can improve both the asset and the overall region.

Elandis originated in Miami and today owns more than 4,000 multifamily housing units in the Southeast United States, supporting further economic investment and revitalization of neighborhoods.

In 2020, Elandis announced a landmark joint venture with M&G Investments, a leading savings and investments business, managing investments for individuals and large institutional investors worldwide. M&G Investments committed an initial $50 million to the JV, which focuses on acquiring and repositioning undervalued workforce multifamily communities across the U.S. Sunbelt region, including fast-growing markets with limited affordable housing options, such as Birmingham, Alabama, and Daytona Beach and Orlando, Florida.

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