The Grace Foundation pledges €1.2 million to Greek charities

Charitable foundation announces its support for Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution and Prolepsis

The charitable foundation of Grace Hotels has announced a pledge of €1.2 million to two leading Greek charities – Hatzikyriakio Institution, one of the oldest childcare institutions in Greece, and public health institute, Prolepsis. The Grace Foundation which has always had close ties with Greece is keen to support the country at a time of unparalleled economic and social strife.

Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution was founded in 1889 by Ioannis Hatzikyriakos and his wife Marigo with the mission to take care of orphaned and homeless girls in Greece, most coming from families with severe social and economic disadvantage. The organisation assists girls from the age of six, providing accommodation, meals, healthcare, care and emotional support as well as educational opportunities that result in preparation for life as adults in a modern society. The orphanage currently supports 110 girls and the Grace Foundation has agreed to provide a donation of €600,000.

Prolepsis, which will also receive €600,000 from the Grace Foundation, is a non-governmental organization that has been active in the field of medical research, health promotion, environmental and occupational health since 1990. Its multi-disciplinary team of physicians, public health specialists, statisticians, economists and sociologists runs a wide range of programmes that promote and maintain health throughout Greece’s population and workforce, including the Diatrofi food aid and nutrition initiative.

Commenting on the donations, Jimmy Athanasopoulos, Head of Social Responsibility for Grace Hotels’ parent company, the Libra Group, stated: “The social and economic crisis in Greece, particularly in rural districts, shows no sign of abating and needs direct action. We have long believed that the provision of opportunity is one of the greatest gifts that one can bestow. The work of Hatzikyriakio Childcare Institution is unique in this respect – they nurture and encourage young girls who were previously devoid of hope, giving them the pastoral care and educational advantage they need to start their adult life with truly equal opportunity. Another steadfast belief that we wholeheartedly share with Prolepsis is that health is a fundamental, inalienable right for every human being. And the only way to assure lifelong health is to work in the holistic way that Prolepsis does – integrating environmental and occupational health issues while pushing the frontiers of health science through leading-edge research. We are delighted to be supporting these hard-working, dedicated organisations that are doing work that makes a tangible difference to Greek society when it is most needed.”

The Grace Foundation undertakes many charitable initiatives including the ‘Give with Grace’ programme under which all Grace Hotels donate $1 (or the local currency equivalent) for every night that a room is occupied. Guests are invited to donate the same amount for every night they stay and the combined funds are donated to SOS Children’s Villages which provide global family-based care, education and healthcare to children and young people who have lost parental care or who are risk of losing it. The foundation also raises substantial sums each year through the donation of hotel room nights for numerous charities and worthy causes.

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