Celebrating Seleni on World Maternal Mental Health Day 2020

On World Maternal Mental Health Day (6th May), Libra Group celebrates Seleni which has established itself as a centre of excellence on matters of maternal mental health, helping to strengthen families and support mothers through postpartum depression and anxiety.

Globally, Maternal Mental Health Week runs over 4th-10th May and comes at the beginning of Mental Health Month. Whether it is personal mental health, children’s or others, these awareness events encourage acknowledgment that mental well-being is as important as physical health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as many as 13% of women worldwide experience some sort of mental disorder such as anxiety or depression after giving birth.

Seleni’s view is that taking care of emotional well-being is vital in order to better support loved ones, neighbors and the broader community. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Seleni has been offering full telehealth services and virtual clinic appointments. In addition, it is supporting professionals on the front line with a number of free online lessons through its dedicated training services for maternal healthcare education.

Seleni Founder and Executive Director, Nitzia Logothetis, commented: “I know now that the benefits of seeking support far outweigh the stress of wondering if there might be something wrong and trying to manage everything on your own.” In 2019, the Seleni clinical team treated over 500 patients which has a positive impact also on their families, friends and colleagues.

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