Harvest for clean energy in Latvia

The harvest has begun for our renewable energy business in Latvia, running from late July into August. Grass is gathered specifically to be used as feedstock in our biogas plants. The crops are grown exclusively for the production of biogas via anaerobic digestion or fermentation. The gas is utilized in combined heat and power (CHP) units to produce electricity for the grid and heat for local communities.

Latvia has seen a major focus in recent years on renewable energy with many projects being funded by the European Union. In places where agricultural land has been uncultivated, its transformation into a feedstock source has enhanced the country’s adoption of biogas in particular as a clean energy source. Some farms no longer breed cattle and have much arable land once used for pasture. The grass from these fields can be used for the biomass process as can cut grass from other grassy areas and restored grasslands.

The Libra Group’s biogas plants in Latvia have been active for a number of years and are operated by Convergen Energy. In North America, it operates a number of renewable energy resources including sustainable fuels in the form of pellets and a 20MW combined heat and power (CHP) plant on the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan.

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