Lomar takes delivery of new container ship Delaware Trader

Lomar Shipping has taken delivery of the latest ‘newbuild’ vessel in its fleet. The Delaware Trader was handed over by the Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard (GWS) in China and will begin operations over the coming days throughout Asia.

The 2,782 TEU container ship is the latest in a large order with GWS and a relationship dating back to 2012. It is designed by leader in the field, MARIC (Marine Design and Research Institute of China), which is owned by CSSC, the parent group of GWS, and meets the highest standards for fuel efficiency and environmental compliance. The new hull-optimised ships offer improved performance compared with existing container vessels of the same size by providing significant savings on fuel consumption, and at a wide range of speeds in comparison to those presently in the market. In addition, the ship’s ‘widebeam’ design means it is wider than 32.2 m, which was formerly the beam (width) restriction of the old Panama Canal. This translates into the vessel being able to carry a significantly greater number of containers, which further improves its efficiency. Since the widening of the Panama Canal in 2016, more and more new vessels are being designed to this widebeam standard in order to take advantage of current developments in global shipping.  

Lomar is deeply committed to the container ship sector and believes in its underlying strength. This class of vessel is well represented in Lomar’s extensive newbuildings programme.

“It is always a happy occasion to welcome a new vessel to the fleet and we wish the Delaware Trader safe voyages as she gets to work around the South China Sea,” said Lomar CEO, Achim Boehme. “Wenchong has a very strong reputation for delivering excellent quality container vessels and being among the best shipyards for this class of vessel; the new ship enhances our competitive portfolio as we continue to grow a modern, fuel-efficient fleet.”

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