Elandis Multifamily Residence Restoration

The work of Elandis in bringing multifamily residences in Tampa, Florida, back to life

Serenity Lake is one of the multifamily properties owned and maintained by our global real estate investment, development, and management company, Elandis. A number of its residences are based in and around Florida, which experienced serious weather challenges in 2018, the strongest hurricane season in 70 years. A state of emergency was declared in Florida as Hurricane Alberto lashed the region and many people were evacuated.

In the aftermath of the damage, Elandis on-site team worked tirelessly to restore and enhance the sixteen-acre property. This is part of Elandis’s dual role of improving and maintaining the living environment for its residents, along with optimizing the long-term value of the property assets. This clip shows before-and-after shots of their work in bringing the residences back to life and habitability.

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