Greenwood SVP of Project Development Dennis Loria speaks at the 18th annual Congressional…

Dennis Loria, Greenwood Energy’s Senior Vice President of Project Development, recently addressed Members of Congress and staff from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives at a panel on clean energy at the 18th annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Expo + Forum.

Dennis encouraged federal policymakers to focus on three policies to help America’s clean energy industry continue its record growth:

• Provide a smoother transition for the expected expiration of the current federal Investment Tax Credit at the end of 2016. Greenwood supports creating an expiration glide path to help the solar industry better plan for future project investment and development.
• Expand federal support for energy storage research, innovation and deployment. Greenwood considers energy storage key for future growth of renewable energy across America and the world, but like other new clean energy innovations, the industry needs incentives to drive down costs and help the market develop.
• Adopt the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP) to reduce emissions from existing power plant generation. Greenwood supports the CPP as a way to fight climate change and expand renewables, citing U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates the CPP will cut emissions between 29-36 percent by 2030 while adding between 138-393 gigawatts of new renewable energy generation capacity through 2040.

Watch the full panel session, including Dennis’ remarks, by clicking play on the embedded video below:


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