President Duque of Colombia meets with Greenwood Energy

Delegation meet to discuss investment in the region.

Last month, Libra’s Americas-based renewable energy subsidiary, Greenwood Energy, had a meeting with its directors and the leadership of the Republic of Colombia. Their discussion covered the outlook for the country’s domestic energy sector and the investment plans that Greenwood has in the region with particular reference to Colombia. The meeting was held in the presidential palace and attended by the President of the Republic, HE Iván Duque Márquez together with the Chief of Staff, María Paula Correa, and the Minister of Mines and Energy, Diego Mesa. They welcomed the Greenwood delegation, headed by CEO (and Executive Vice President, Energy, of the Libra Group) Camilo Patrignani, the Director for Colombia of Greenwood Energy, Guido Patrignani, and the company’s VP of Institutional Relations, Javier Andrés Reyes.

During the meeting, possible solutions to the complex situation of power infrastructure in the Caribbean region were also discussed, as well as the importance of investments focused on diversifying the country’s energy matrix in the face of growing climate change.

Setting an example for the region, President Duque’s administration has achieved increased reliability in the energy matrix through incentives to undertake cleantech projects.


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