Greenwood Fuels rebrands as Convergen Energy

Wisconsin-based renewable fuels company announces new strategy embracing diverse fuel sources and investment in power plants

Convergen Energy launches today as a new brand for the renewable energy industry. Formerly known as Greenwood Fuels and part of international business, the Libra Group, the company converts a diverse range of industrial and agricultural biomass by-products into sustainable fuels. In addition, the company has announced that it will be actively investing in power generation facilities. The company works extensively with sustainability managers throughout the US to manage carbon footprint reduction programs.

 Well known for producing high quality engineered renewable fuel pellets, Convergen Energy will build on the reputation of Greenwood Fuels as a supplier of cleaner burning fuels that can either be a substitute for traditional fuels, or used in combination with them to meet the economic and environmental objectives of power plants.

 Convergen Energy works with the industrial and farming sectors to divert manufacturing process by-products away from landfill and make use of agricultural residues that are normally discarded. Thus the company is part of a sustainability chain that repurposes these non-recyclable raw materials as renewable fuel. Convergen Energy is also actively pursuing opportunities to acquire or invest in leased, owned, or contracted power and steam generation facilities which will complement its fuel production business.

 The Convergen management team brings substantial experience in fuel engineering and production and the combustion of traditional and alternative fuels. It has expertise in air emissions, regulatory compliance and environmental targets, power generation and infrastructure investment.

 “Our new name evokes ‘conversion’ and ‘generation’, representing the dual focus of our business and better reflecting our new strategy and operations,” comments Ted Hansen, Convergen Energy CEO. “We believe Convergen has a unique proposition for all our customers and clients in consolidating the supply chain from renewable fuel production to cleaner power generation. Whether it be feedstock procurement, fuel manufacturing, steam and electricity generation from renewable fuels, or overall sustainability management, our mission is to create a more sustainable future.”

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