Euroenergy In Latvia

EuroEnergy has opened an office in Latvia and entered joint venture to develop a series of biogas production facilities. The initial agreement covers six plants and the first 0.5 MW development is fully completed. The remaining projects will be fully completed and commissioned during late 2011 to early 2012.

EuroEnergy is the European renewable energy subsidiary of the Libra Group and has offices in London, Athens and, following the latest joint venture, Riga. The company is committed to helping governments and corporations to meet their energy efficiency and emission targets through the provision of competitive new technologies and production facilities, underpinned by local government support of Alternative Energy Sources.

EuroEnergy has established a track record of acquiring, developing and operating renewable energy assets while dealing with complex regulatory frameworks and local market conditions.

In the Mediterranean, EuroEnergy has invested in solar energy parks and wind farms. The company has a significant pipeline of additional projects in the solar, wind and biogas sectors. The company’s senior management combines many years of energy sector experience, government relations and financial expertise. EuroEnergy believes that there continue to be opportunities in the biomass and biogas market and are maintaining our growth in this sector through acquisition. 

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