Envolve Award USA: Applications for up to $25k in startup funding extended an Additional Month Through October

Winners of the Envolve Award USA competition will receive interest-free funding, mentoring and business support services

Following the great response to its new locations, Envolve Entrepreneurship (http://EnvolveGlobal.org) has announced an extension to the application deadline for the 2018 Envolve Award from September 2018 to October 31. In addition to New York City and Miami-Dade County, this year, Envolve has expanded its business plan competition with business support services and interest-free funding opportunities for diverse early-stage entrepreneurs across six new US cities: Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Charleston, Detroit and Flint. The team has reported that there are many promising, innovative, and sustainable business ideas among the entries already submitted for the third annual award cycle.

To give local audiences an opportunity to hear more about the organization, the Envolve team is currently on a tour visiting cities where the application is offered. Earlier in September, the team was hosted by the City of Charleston’s Neighborhood Planning & Business Services department for an application workshop. Attendees had the chance to learn more about the application process and how Envolve and their local partners can support their business endeavors. “It’s been thrilling to meet new and enthusiastic people as we’ve traveled, to share more on Envolve’s mission and our 2018 award competition. Our goal is to inspire and spark energy around creative ways the ecosystem can help fund and support diverse entrepreneurs’ ideas and ventures,” said Christopher Upperman, CEO of Envolve. Upcoming cities in the tour include New York City, Detroit, Flint, Washington, DC, and Atlanta.

Continuing its commitment to supporting opportunities for the next generation of entrepreneurs, Envolve is partnering with Georgia State University and Miami Dade College for this award cycle. Students are a key demographic—considering many of the world’s largest tech companies of today began on college campuses—and Envolve is encouraging those enrolled and just beginning their fall semester, to take this opportunity to apply. Citing a Kauffman Foundation report on the state of entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur magazine shared the average entrepreneur is 40 when they launch their startup. People over 55 are twice as likely as people under 35 to launch a high-growth startup. The average age of a successful startup with over $1 million in revenues was 39. However, attitudes toward entrepreneurship and the desire to launch businesses is high among students; lack of startup funding combined with not having the proper know-how are often factors for fewer business starts. Envolve is playing its part and encouraging students to apply who are currently enrolled and are aspiring to start their own venture.

Envolve’s mission rests on three pillars: education, resources and awards. Envolve is a 501©(3) entrepreneurship support organization, which offers support to start-ups and early stage businesses through the provision of education, as well as by leveraging the organization’s partnerships that increase availability of entrepreneurship resources.

The gateway to all of Envolve’s global resources to entrepreneurs is its website, EnvolveGlobal.org.

The application deadline for the Envolve Award USA is October 31, 2018. Finalists will be announced in late fall 2018, and winners will be announced in early 2019.

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