Shankly representará la biblioteca en 3D de PassmoreLab

West Hollywood-based Shankly International Distribution has teamed up with PassmoreLab, one of the most prominent producers of 3D programming in the U.S. Shankly will exclusively represent worldwide TV rights for twelve new PassmoreLab titles, all scheduled to debut later this month.

Among the leading players in 3D film and TV production, PassmoreLab's library features popular 3D films such as "Night of the Living Dead" (1 x 96') and "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (1 x 79'), as well as numerous 3D TV programs, including "Drop: My Life Downhill" (1 x 58'), "MicroWorld" (1 x 35'), and "The Extreme Nature of Bats" (1 x 22'). The library also includes childrens' fare and short-form content.

"We're excited to witness the global TV launch of our fast-growing 3D library," according to Greg Passmore, CEO of PassmoreLab. "And we're very happy to be working with Shankly on this next stage in our company's expansion."

"When it comes to 3D film and TV production, no one does it better than PassmoreLab," said David E. Brenner, CEO of Shankly International Distribution. "We're honored to partner with them on their worldwide TV roll-out."

The deal was brokered by Small World IFT's Tim Crescenti, PassmoreLab's James Humann and Michael Williams, and Shankly's David E. Brenner. End

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