Greenwood Energy

Renewable energy for the Americas

Greenwood Energy has a growing portfolio of solar parks and alternative energy facilities across North, Central and South America. The customers for these facilities include public service bodies and grid operators.

Balancing rising levels of energy consumption with a greater need for sustainable sources means that technological advances in green energy are vitally important.” — Camilo Patrignani, CEO, Greenwood Energy

Greenwood has formed a number of strategic joint ventures to facilitate finance, construction and engineering. In 2014 it completed Panama’s first utility-scale solar photovoltaic installation, and more recently has been selected by Ithaca College in New York State to finance and install a 2.9 MW installation, meeting 10% of the campus' electricity needs and key to its 100% carbon neutral target.

In 2014 the company announced a partnership with John Hancock Life Insurance to build and operate solar power stations across the USA. John Hancock has led $110 million of financing for 13 solar projects, located in five states with a combined generating capacity of 45 MW. Greenwood has a combined business pipeline in the Americas with a generating capacity of 1 GW.



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