Chris Watson

Executive Vice President, Financial Transactions

Chris Watson is the Executive Vice President, Financial Transactions of Libra Group, overseeing all accounting and tax planning related to the Group’s acquisitions and divestments. Based in London, Chris joined Libra Group in 2008 as Group Financial Controller responsible for all Group reporting, including annual Group audits and tax compliance.

Prior to joining Libra, Chris was Head of Finance Europe for, where, as a member of the management team, he was responsible for establishing and reshaping the company in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and launching the brand in Continental Europe. Before this role, Chris held several senior finance positions in multinational Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 Index organizations in diverse sectors such as automotive services and energy, where he shaped investment strategies and conducted performance review analyses.

Chris qualified as a Certified Chartered Accountant and holds an M.A. from the University of Aberdeen.