Constantine M. Logothetis

Non-Executive Board Member

Constantine Logothetis is a non-executive member of Libra Group’s Board of Directors.

He began his career in the Logothetis family’s London-based shipping company, Lomar Shipping, in 2000, where he was a key management team member before becoming the founding Executive Vice Chairman of Libra Group when it was formed in 2003. Constantine stepped down from his executive position in August 2017.

Constantine was at the forefront of the Group’s diversification from shipping into other asset classes, notably the hospitality, real estate, and renewable energy sectors. Constantine is also a member of the Leadership Council of Concordia, a non-profit organization that seeks to promote and develop public-private partnerships around pressing global issues, and of which Libra Group is the founding sponsor. Constantine and his family reside in London, U.K.