National Geographic Channels International Co-Produces First Ascent With Shankly Productions

National Geographic Channels International has announced the co-production of the sixpart series First Ascent with Shankly Productions. Filmed in HD, each of the 30-minute episodes will follow top-level adventure athletes as they attempt some of the most daring and dangerous mountaineering stunts in this extreme sport. The series will be available on NGCI’s Nat Geo Adventure channel beginning in the third quarter of this year.

First Ascent captures all of the excitement and adrenaline as expert mountaineers push their vertical skills to the limit. The climbers tackle some incredible feats including walking tightropes across rock spires and BASE jumping off previously impenetrable peaks in the U.S. Western wilderness, and deep water soloing, involving a 15-metre ropeless climb and a plunge into the Mediterranean Sea off Mallorca, Spain.

“First Ascent is a heart-stopping, action-packed series that takes viewers to some of the most stunning and formidable heights in the world – all captured in HD”, said Sydney Suissa, Executive Vice President of Content for NGCI. “Building off the momentum of the successful documentary King Lines, First Ascent will further fuel the appetite of our Nat Geo Adventure viewers craving adventure from their armchairs”.

“We are really excited to bring the world of climbing and outdoor adventure to a global television audience,” said Leon Logothetis, CEO of Shankly Productions. “Behind every great climb is a great character, a fascinating story, and an opportunity for beautiful cinematography.”

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