Lomar sells entire offshore fleet during 2014

December 2014 marked delivery of the last of Lomar’s offshore fleet

The delivery in December 2014 of Lomar’s pair of 2008- built platform supply vessels, the Ark Phil and Ark Griffin, following a sale agreed in mid-2014, marked the completion of the company’s strategic sale of its fleet of offshore supply vessels.

“The story of Lomar since 2009 appears to be one of relentless fleet growth”, stated CEO, Achim Boehme. “But in fact we have consistently sold vessels over the same period either as part of a strategy to renew and refresh the fleet, or where we have seen opportunity to realise value, as in the case of our offshore fleet.”

Lomar’s re-entry into the offshore sector began in 2009 when the company acquired the Allocean group and its fleet of vessels for $325 million. The fleet included Ark Griffin and Ark Phil, both 2008 built 5,000bhp PSVs (Platform Supply Vessels); the Hobart Trader, an 8,000bhp AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply) built 2009; the Didi K and Go Altair, both 2009-built 5,150bhp AHTSs and the GSP Alcor, a 2010 built 5,150bhp AHTS.

Beginning with the Hobart Trader Lomar, sold all of its offshore interests over a 12 month period with the final sale agreed in the summer of 2014.

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