Libra launches FCA Group: Real estate investment for Central and North America

Libra Group, the privately owned international business group, has launched FCA Group, a new real estate investment subsidiary covering Central and North America. The company will undertake strategic investment in commercial and residential real estate throughout the regions with an initial focus on the investment opportunities presented by the many high quality office developments in Panama City. The company is already at an advanced stage of negotiation to secure a number of commercial properties.

The company hopes to secure tenancies from world-class organizations that seek the assurance that comes from partnering with a stable, long-term, professional owner-operator capable of offering in real estate administration and management. With a strategic base in Panama City, the Group hopes to expand its activities in the coming years to take advantage of both commercial and residential real estate opportunities in the United States, particularly in the Southern Florida region.

FCA Group will harness the international expertise and commercial experience of the Libra Group gained from numerous successful property transactions throughout the world. Through sustained, strategic partnerships with global corporate tenants, banks, real estate brokers and property developers, FCA can bring its extensive network to leverage comprehensive property financing and estate management benefits.

From global macroeconomic trends to local regulatory challenges, FCA has the in-house skills and insight needed to execute informed, timely investments. The group is also able to support tenants and manage properties throughout the occupancy lifecycle with the aim of maximizing long-term capital appreciation while receiving positive cash flow from quality tenants.

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