Libra helps to Keep Chios Clean

For the past two years, Libra Group has been assisting the government on the Greek island of Chios to maintain a clean and pleasant environment with the removal of graffiti, which in recent years has become an excessive blot on an otherwise beautiful landscape.

A large amount of ‘street art’ had accumulated and spoiled the appearance of many important buildings and sites. It required a dedicated effort to take action and restore the island to its former beauty.

To date, approximately 6,000 litres of paint have been used across public and private sites – mostly defaced walls and streets on the eastern side of the island. This positive action alone has led to a reduction in the incidents of graffiti – proving that when something is refurbished then pride is restored and the likelihood of it happening again is greatly decreased. Graffiti has been removed from approximately 1,245 different places: 285 in 2017 and 960 in 2016

The project has also been a difficult one with a number of the sites posing a distinct challenge for the clean-up team. The clean-up operation is in association with a number of schemes running across the island to promote collective responsibility and care for the environment. The handle for the campaign is @chioscity and the hashtag is: #keepchiosclean.

“We think that the local environment is very important and try to do whatever we can for the community wherever we find ourselves in the world,” comments Jimmy Athanasopoulos. “This initiative in Chios to address vandalism and graffiti is a worthwhile cause that has already produced good results and we are very proud to support it.”

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