Libra’s Winter 2021 interns get down to business

Libra’s Winter 2021 interns have arrived in the business and immediately started work with a virtual orientation week. The schedule gave them an overview of Libra Group, its history and subsidiary companies. It also saw them participating in team-building activities such as trivia games, learning more about their fellow cohort members through one-on-one coffee chats, and interacting with 24 speakers from across the group.

The interns began their remote placements on February 8 and the Libra Internship Program team will remain in constant communication with the cohort through a Slack workspace and professional development programming.

This is the tenth annual winter cohort of Libra interns since the program was established in 2021 and the first intake coming through in 2012. Libra internship alumni are now to be found all around the world, particularly in Europe and the Americas, and regularly meet up (subject to conditions) or hold online sessions to keep in touch and share progress.

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