Concordia announces its 2020 Advisor Program

Concordia has announced the appointment of 39 Advisors and 11 Senior Advisors to its community for the 2020 term.

This impressive group of individuals from across a multitude of sectors, industries, and geographies will play an instrumental role in guiding the direction, development, and growth of Concordia over the next 12 months. From lending their insight into policy developments to sharing their expertise on innovations in their respective industries, Concordia’s Advisors and Senior Advisors are carefully selected by Concordia’s leadership and serve for a one-year term.

“We’re incredibly excited to have this group of exceptional high-level individuals join the Concordia community in a formal capacity. Over recent months, we’ve taken the opportunity to address our Advisor Program and revamp key elements to ensure that the program is positioned to have the greatest impact on our organization,” commented Concordia’s Co-Founders, Nick Logothetis and Matt Swift. “Concordia thrives on its collaborative nature, and aided by the guidance and insight of these individuals—each an expert in their respective fields—we’re excited to see Concordia navigate today’s new environment and emerge from it even stronger than before.”

To learn more about the Advisor Program, please see Concordia’s Advisor webpage here and via the social channel links on this page (@concordiasummit).

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