Seapath is strengthening America’s maritime industrial future

A U.S. company led by former U.S. mariners and servicemembers, Seapath is dedicated to sustainably advancing America’s infrastructure through innovative projects and solutions in maritime connectivity, industrial technologies, port real estate, Jones Act vessels, and broader maritime needs.

Through trusted partnerships with local communities, government agencies, and private industry, we are investing in America’s infrastructure and economic resiliency that supports stability, safety, and prosperity. Seapath is a proud subsidiary of Libra Group, a private U.S.-headquartered business group with 45 years of maritime heritage.

Created to be a leading U.S. maritime infrastructure company and project developer, Seapath is driven by the following strategic imperatives:

1. Strengthen the U.S. economy and its industrial competitiveness
2. Collaborate with all stakeholders, including the local community, government agencies, and private industry
3. Demonstrate continued operational excellence to drive results and unlock value
4. Advance innovative solutions through our unique capabilities and leveraging the insights and scale of Libra Group’s global ecosystem

We work with trusted partners, from the local community to government agencies and our partners in private industry, to advance our nation’s maritime infrastructure and economic resiliency to support a vibrant future for the United States economy.

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