About Us

The Libra Group is a privately-owned international business group that controls 30 subsidiaries active in 35 countries across six continents. It is focused on six core sectors: aviation, energy, finance and diversified, hospitality, real estate, and shipping. The group is wholly-owned by the Logothetis family.

One of the core values which govern us is our sense of social responsibility. This is principally expressed through our deep commitment to ten distinct and diverse Social Responsibility initiatives. These are broadly linked to the themes of empowerment and to providing opportunity for those facing social and economic disadvantage. Recently we have again been investing at scale in the transportation sector. Our aviation leasing business has acquired aircraft with a value approaching $6 billion since its inception. In November 2007, and then again in 2013/14, we sold the majority of our aircraft fleet and embarked on large-scale fleet renewal process, most recently investing in a substantial fleet of modern helicopters. During the current market downturn our shipping company, Lomar, has acquired over 125 vessels, including orders for over 25 all-new fuel-efficient ships. Our residential and commercial real estate interests are global and include ownership of more than 5.8 million square feet across the Americas, developed and under development, plus a portfolio of real estate in many of the world's leading economic hubs including Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, Athens, Singapore and Bangkok. Our hospitality interests, including those under construction, comprise approximately 50 hotels, with many of them featuring critically-acclaimed spas and restaurants. Meanwhile, our energy businesses that began with solar and wind parks in the Mediterranean have now expanded to a portfolio of more than 40 projects including solar energy parks across the Americas, industrial-scale biofuel manufacturing and ownership of fuel cell and other cogeneration plants in North America, as well as biogas facilities in Northern Europe. Our renewable energy facilities have a combined generating capacity of over 400 MW while our project pipeline exceeds 3 GW. The group owns a number of companies that fall outside our core business sectors yet meet our broad investment criteria. These diversified investments currently include an equity, credit and foreign exchange brokerage, an investment management company and a leading Greek manufacturer of sustainably-sourced mattresses and other sleep products. Because Libra is a family business, we hold dear to family values but we also encourage diversity and initiative. Each Libra Group business exercises a considerable degree of autonomy. We believe that local experience and insight aids confident investment decisions and ensures operational efficiency. Our ten Social Responsibility initiatives include the Libra Internship Programme which has now expanded to encompass over 120 young people per annum. Other educational support includes the McCain Institute's 'Next Generation Leaders Program', MBA students at the Athens University of Economics and Business and research fellowships at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. We are a founding sponsor of President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative which aims to eliminate opportunity and achievement gaps for boys and young men of colour. Other community and philanthropic activities include The Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award - a €10 million commitment to an annual award for entrepreneurs in Greece; The Concordia Summit - we are the founding sponsor of this non-profit organization that promotes public-private partnerships; the Seleni Institute - a New York-based organisation that addresses women's reproductive and maternal mental health, and The Grace Foundation - charitable support through match-funding between the Libra Group and guests at our hotels across the world.

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