Seleni Institute

Supporting Mental Health During the Family-Building Years

Seleni was co-founded in 2013 by Nitzia Logothetis, a licensed psychotherapist, and her husband George Logothetis, executive chairman of Libra Group. They saw a gap in society’s knowledge and understanding of maternal mental health and its impact on individuals and their families, too often resulting in mental health challenges going underdiagnosed and undertreated. Seleni’s team of clinicians addresses the mental and emotional health challenges that individuals, couples and their families face during the family-building years to improve the lives of caregivers and support the health and well-being of future generations.

As a recognized leader in perinatal and reproductive mental health, Seleni works to remove the many barriers to entry for therapy and trains clinicians worldwide, scaling access to mental health treatment. Through in-person and virtual treatment for individuals and couples, support groups, and expert-led CE-accredited trainings and scholarships for health professionals, Seleni is helping to  destigmatize and bring greater awareness to the importance of perinatal and reproductive mental health and expand practitioner knowledge and capacity to support all types of families around the world. Libra Philanthropies provides in-kind and logistical support from its global platform to help Seleni grow and pursue its mission to become the premiertraining center on reproductive and maternal mental health.

To date, Seleni has conducted more than 50,000 patient appointments and trained 5,500 mental health professionals through online and in-person courses in 60 countries. Additionally, in an effort to provide greater access to their trainings, Seleni awards training scholarships annually, providing more than 200 partial and full scholarships since 2019.

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