REFLEXIONES: Nigel Leishman, de LCI, habla de la estrategia de gestión de flota en un desafiante ciclo del petróleo

LCI's Executive Vice President & Global Head of Marketing, Nigel Leishman, recently spoke to Steve Robertson at Air & Sea Analytics about helicopter management in the offshore oil and gas market. This follows the insights he provided in 2020 about the helicopter leasing market in Asia-Pacific.

“The leasing product appealed to operators who wanted to realize capital (sale & leasebacks) or couldn’t afford to fund the aircraft themselves. Our clients make a long term commitment to the aircraft (LCI leases are typically around 7-10 years but can be as short as 5) but without enormous Capex commitment upfront. Lead-times (if aircraft are already on order or available) are also much shorter which helps when the end-client can often make decisions at the last minute… sometimes only a few months before the aircraft are required!” he commented.

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