Elandis afianza más de 90 millones de dólares de financiación para la adquisición de viviendas plurifamiliares

Elandis, Libra's real estate ownership and property management company, announces it has secured over $90 million in financing for six separate multifamily communities in Orlando and Daytona Beach, which represents 1,242 residential units.

This acquisition, valued at $126.5 million, brings Elandis's multifamily housing portfolio to almost 3,100 units, making them a leading private multi-family housing investor in the Sunbelt states.

The deal included $93.7 million in financing with Lument, a U.S. leader in commercial real estate financing. Elandis was proud to work closely with Lument's Marc Suarez to close financing for this project that will provide social and economic revitalization in Sunbelt communities.

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