Greenwood Energy

Cleantech energy company for Latin America

Greenwood Energy is a cleantech energy company for Latin America with offices in Panama City, Panama and Barranquilla, Colombia. The company seeks to underpin reliable and sustainable energy provision in developing economies.

“Our clients can gain control of their power supply, become more efficient and hence more competitive in the marketplace”

The company develops, installs, operates and finances projects in the cleantech space with a particular focus on distributed generation.

Greenwood Energy provides reliable and sustainable energy solutions that match the energy infrastructure needs and resources of the regions it serves. Developing areas of Latin America operate with inadequate power grid infrastructure, leading to an expensive, unreliable and unpredictable power supply, hindering growth and competitiveness of local businesses.

Latin America represents some unique opportunities in the energy sector. In many regions the lack of stable, reliable energy infrastructure is affecting quality of life and limiting economic growth. Greenwood Energy’s management team brings together extensive experience in developing, installing and financing turnkey energy solutions. 

The company was formed in September 2020 when our former subsidiary, Greenwood Energy Latinoamérica, acquired Colombia-based 2°C POWER, a developer-operator that built and financed sustainable energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients.

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