Sustainable energy across Europe

EuroEnergy is a renewable energy investment company with offices in London, Athens and Bucharest.

The renewable energy sector continues to grow, driven by climate change and the policies of various governments to tackle it, whilst economically it is also supported by local electricity supply-demand imbalances and the ever-increasing cost of traditional energy sources. 

A growing sector driven by global policies designed to tackle climate change.”

EuroEnergy focuses on opportunities provided by the dynamic interaction of these market drivers in various geographies and sectors.

The company is committed to helping governments and corporations to meet their energy efficiency and emissions targets through the provision of competitive new technologies and production facilities, underpinned by local government support of Alternative Energy Sources.

EuroEnergy has established a track record of acquiring, developing and operating renewable energy assets while dealing with complex regulatory frameworks and local market conditions.

In Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, EuroEnergy has invested in solar energy parks and wind farms. The company’s existing operating and pipeline projects have a combined generating capacity of around 200 MW.

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