Palmerston Real Estate

Prime real estate in leading economic hubs

Libra Group has a long history of strategic investment in Real Estate with an emphasis on some of the world’s major economic hubs.

Palmerston Real Estate’s portfolio exemplifies the group's commitment to the highest quality assets in the best possible locations. With a focus to date on London, Athens and St Petersburg, Palmerston Real Estate has observed consistently strong investment performance within these diverse commercial and cultural centres.

Applying a global perspective creates a balanced asset base.”

Palmerston continues to invest in the most exclusive commercial and residential developments in its chosen geographies. Our commercial properties enjoy secure covenants from prestige tenants who seek the assurance that comes from partnering with a professional owner-operator with sound financial backing.

Palmerston Real Estate’s investment strategy is informed by the insight which the Libra Group has gained through its global commercial activities spanning over 40 years.

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