Calma Capital

Multi-sector real estate investment management across Spain

Calma Capital is a real estate investment manager and operator, active across all market segments and geographies in Spain.

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Calma Capital invests in real estate in the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors, seeking to create value throughout the investment cycle.

Spain continues to represent a balanced risk-reward investment proposition in a stable macroeconomic and geopolitical environment.”

Calma Capital evolved from Elandis’s Spanish business and invests mainly in projects with high-value creation potential, and maintains full control over the capital structure and asset operations. The company has recently invested in a commercial real estate portfolio and owns two hotels in prime tourist locations. With extensive asset and property management experience, Calma Capital applies global best practice to the Spanish market. The company is also able to provide management services to third parties. 

Calma Capital has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Madrid-based Lemon Promociones regarding real estate development. When it comes to operational management of hotels, Calma has partnerships with established brands including fellow Libra subsidiary, Aria Hotels.

The management team at Calma Capital combines decades of experience in real estate investment, operational management and corporate finance.

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