Strategic real estate investment across multiple sectors

Elandis develops, owns and manages real estate assets with a focus on the multifamily sector.

Their development strategy is focused on prime real estate assets in the residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors, capitalizing on their experience, insight and long-term relationships. Elandis’s asset management skills represent a unique platform for its own and for third-party investments.

A global real estate company built on a strong track record of investment and asset management in North, Central and South America.”

With over 5.8 million sq ft of real estate both developed and under development, the company has insight and experience across multiple sectors. The portfolio comprises 2,500 residential units, 25 hotels and 10 development projects.

The company’s principal capabilities are property investment, and complementary management services that underpin long-term asset value and improve the living environment.

In recent years the company has developed an extensive portfolio of multifamily properties which are owned and managed by Elandis, primarily in the southern United States.

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