Greenwood Energy Latinoamérica

Clean solar technology for Central America

Greenwood Energy Latinoamérica provides turnkey on-site solar energy systems for companies and institutions including offices, shops, hospitals, schools and colleges and other public buildings. Solar energy is a proven cost-saving, clean energy technology with added benefits of being easy to install, maintain and monitor.

The renewables sector has come of age, particularly solar power. The union of capital and technology are making a difference to the global economy by lowering the cost of energy." — Fidel Andueza, Chief Investment Officer

Investment in photovoltaic systems, typically installed on rooftops, can reduce energy bills by typically 30%. The company offers an integrated and seamless service in the process, from design and installation through to maintenance and monitoring. In addition, it is able to provide offer 100% financing to simplify and facilitate investment in this cost-saving, clean energy technology.

GWE LatAm works to a number of variables for achieving desired outcomes. Initial analysis will take into account the size of the plant, financing terms, anticipated energy consumption, and geography, along with credit profiling. With activity mainly focussed on Panama, which is a strong and enthusiastic market for solar energy, GWE LatAm is engaged in new opportunities throughout Central America.

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