Sustainable fuels and power for sustainable business

Convergen Energy, formerly Greenwood Fuels, was the Libra Group's first investment in the US renewable energy sector and is part of a sustainability chain that repurposes non-recyclable raw materials and by-products as renewable fuel.

It has a strong track record in providing solutions for municipal power plants, industrial facilities, and other energy-intensive user institutions as they strive to meet ever-increasing environmental regulatory requirements. The company works extensively with sustainability managers throughout the US to manage carbon footprint reduction programs.

Serving sustainability managers who face ever-increasing environmental regulatory requirements.”

Convergen’s cost-effective fuel alternatives can be used as a substitute for traditional fossil fuels in industrial power plants, to meet both economic and environmental objectives. It works with the industrial and farming sectors to divert manufacturing process by-products away from landfill and makes use of agricultural residues that are normally discarded. These cleaner fuels are burn-ready pellets with lower emissions yet the same properties as coal.

Active in the development and promotion of sustainable power sources and the growth of the renewable energy sector as a whole, Convergen is investing in leased, owned, or contracted power and steam generation facilities to complement its existing operations.


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