The opportunities presented by renewable energy and cleaner forms of conventional power are part of the Libra Group's core focus. In Europe, EuroEnergy have built a network of grid-connected solar energy parks and wind farms.

Meanwhile, in North, Central and South America, Greenwood Energy is involved in solar power investment and development, particularly in solar parks throughout the emerging markets of Latin America. In January 2014 Greenwood Energy announced that John Hancock Life Insurance and the Libra Group would lead equity financing for the construction and operation of multiple solar power stations across the United States.

Convergen Energy takes a wide variety of industrial waste and agricultural by-products and repurposes them into burn-ready fuel pellets with lower emissions yet the same properties as coal. Convergen is also actively pursuing opportunities to acquire or invest in leased, owned, or contracted power and steam generation facilities which will complement its fuel production business. They also now own and operate biogas production facilities in Latvia.

Our renewable energy facilities have a combined generating capacity of 400 MW and our project pipeline exceeds 3 GW.

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