The Grace Foundation

Collaborative funding for worthy causes

Our hotel groups are very clear examples of the practical way in which we consider the environment and our communities through responsible citizenship on behalf of the Libra Group and all guests who visit and stay in our properties. Environmental awareness programmes and local participation schemes are embedded throughout our hospitality operations in each location. In addition, through the Grace Foundation we provide numerous hotel room nights for charities and worthy causes.

Match-funding with our hotel guests, globally."

We also invite our guests to join us in our philanthropic activity via 'Give with Grace' operated by the Grace Foundation, which supports SOS Children's Villages, a global charity focused on abandoned, destitute and orphaned children requiring family based care. Under the programme, participating properties contribute by donating $1 (or the local currency equivalent) for every night a guest stays at the hotel. Guests are then invited to join us and contribute the same amount for every night they stay with us, thus doubling the contribution to the charity. Supplementary donations are raised through the sale of certain branded items and various other initiatives. Learning and training opportunities for SOS youth are also provided in participating hotels as part of a special internship programme.

In March 2015 the Grace Foundation announced a pledge of €1.2 million to two leading Greek charities - Hatzikyriakio Institution, one of the oldest childcare institutions in Greece, and public health institute, Prolepsis which provides vital food aid in Greece.

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