Libra Group

Acting Responsibly

As a family-owned company, Libra has always placed a priority on managing its businesses with the highest ethical standards. One of the core values that has always governed us is our sense of responsibility – to the environment, to our own people and to the communities among whom we work globally. Today this approach to work can collectively be described as a commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in everything we do. By adhering to these principles, our work contributes to an increasingly sustainable world, and we are more likely to work with people and organizations that share our values.   

Libra believes that commitment to ESG principles makes for a more resilient and more forward-thinking company. Our ESG policy is reviewed and adapted regularly to ensure that it aligns with evolving global business culture in our chosen sectors, as well as conforming to prevalent rules and regulations across the jurisdictions in which we operate.  


Guiding Principles


We believe that sustainable development safeguards the future. At our offices, we work to minimize environmental impact by creating awareness and ensuring the adoption of green initiatives and work practices by our employees. Sustainable, low carbon alternatives and climate-resilient investment positively benefit the environment by focusing on clean technologies. Libra actively invests in alternative energy opportunities as part of its business strategy. However, Libra's consideration of the environment goes well beyond its renewable energy business interests. Environmental considerations extend to Libra's investment criteria across all our shipping, aviation, real estate, hospitality and diversified businesses.  



We are an equal opportunities employer, creating opportunities that are open to all qualified applicants solely based on their job-related experience, knowledge, insight and skills. Internally, Libra creates a sense of belonging among its people and bridges cultures while bringing together diverse talents and skills. We encourage employees to be entrepreneurial, to volunteer their time to philanthropic efforts, and to share ideas that will help shape the company’s future. We also believe in carefully managing the local community impact of conducting our business. Long-term, sustainable commercial growth is never achieved at the cost of community disruption. Our dedicated social programs focus on creating and/or funding initiatives that seek to deliver educational opportunity, business opportunity, and acts of humanity towards people who are marginalized or under-served.  



As a family-owned company, we believe in running our business with integrity. Our leadership constantly considers areas for improvement in the way we govern our businesses and manage our assets. By empowering our executives, we create opportunity for creativity and innovation. By regularly revising and reviewing governance protocols and policies, we create accountability among our businesses. Libra regularly updates its core organizational policies to ensure they are aligned with current legal, regulatory, and cultural parameters.  


Accountability & Oversight

Libra promotes ESG understanding and accountability throughout its businesses. We incorporate ESG factors into our investment process to limit stakeholder risks and position our companies for sustainable growth and success.  

Libra's leadership is responsible for integrating the guiding principles of its ESG policy across all of its companies. An ESG committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the policy. The committee works to advance ESG research and oversee the reporting from all Libra companies. Through an annual reporting and assessment process, Libra will account for its ESG initiatives and demonstrate its commitment to the UN SDGs.


Commitment to Stakeholders

We advance the market impact of Libra companies while looking after the interests of our employees, partners, and communities where we operate. Libra considers how ESG issues impact all of its stakeholders.


Our Commitment to Addressing Global Challenges

Libra’s business activities and social programs support several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as indicated below.

Good health and wellbeing

Is the founding sponsor of a non-profit organization focused on treating, training, supporting, and advocating to improve the emotional health of individuals and their families during the family-building years.

Offers wellness training to its employees.

Quality Education

Provides paid internship, mentorship, and career development opportunities to high school and undergraduate level students.

Has supported fellowships to students to help them pursue their academic goals.

Partners with academic and non-profit organizations to help support student development.

Gender Equality

Recruits a diverse workforce of individuals and ensures equal opportunity at all levels.

Is the founding sponsor of a non-profit organization focused on supporting diverse, early-stage entrepreneurs.

Offers parental leave to all its employees.

Affordable & Clean Energy

Actively invests in alternative energy opportunities as part of its business strategy.

Continuously evolves to increase energy efficiency in the workplace.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Is the founding sponsor of a non-profit organization focused on cultivating a global entrepreneurial ecosystem that helps diverse communities access resources, advice and support services for their businesses.

Is the founding sponsor of a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive support to refugee children that reach adulthood to help them find a job and enable them to create a future for themselves.

Maintains a forward-thinking health and safety policy for its employees.

Reduced Inequalities

Has a dedicated social programs arm that manages numerous initiatives to address opportunity gaps for underserved or marginalized individuals and communities.

Is the founding sponsor of a non-profit organization focused on addressing persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of colour in the United States.

Responsible Consumption & Production

Encourages all its companies to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting.

Maintains a Green Office Policy focused on reducing, reusing, and recycling waste.

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

Is the founding sponsor of a non-profit organization focused on protecting refugee children from abuse, exploitation, trafficking and violence.

Maintains an anti-corruption and anti-bribery policy.

Promotes and enforces non-discriminatory laws and policies in the workplace.

Partnerships for the Goals

Is the founding sponsor of a non-profit organization that fosters, elevates, and sustains cross-sector partnerships for social impact.

Regularly forms relationships with various non-profit, corporate, or other partners through its social responsibility arm.

Climate Change

Actively invests in alternative energy opportunities as part of its business strategy.

Integrates climate change measures into policy and planning.