Libra Group Services

Legal, accounting and administrative support across Libra Group companies

Libra Group Services is a multi-disciplinary central resource: an in-house legal, administrative, internal audit and corporate secretarial support service to all operating companies within the Libra Group.

As a major international business group, the Libra Group has driven rapid global expansion since its formation. Swift, effective commercial resolutions underpin our subsidiaries’ abilities to secure long-term business opportunities. The group relies on a seamless professional interface, particularly with legal services teams. Libra Group Services provides this.

From the project outset, our senior professional team is engaged to assess and manage the commercial, financial and legal risk profile of every transaction. From accounting to governance, our experience and acumen allows Libra operating companies to focus clearly on the business opportunity.

A multi-disciplinary central resource."

Libra Group companies operate autonomously across six continents. With varied global interests – including real estate, energy, hospitality, transportation and financial services, individual subsidiaries often need to engage specialist external advisors alongside their internal teams.

Libra Group Services oversees the appointment and management of external advisors for all Libra Group subsidiaries. Libra Group Services has the contacts and experience to secure the best – be it an individual professional or a partner organisation. We look for skills and qualities in our advisors that echo the group’s ethos.

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