First Mediterranean Investments

Real estate and renewable energy

First Mediterranean Investments (FMI) is the holding company for a group of specialist investment companies focused on the South Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan regions.

The company has long-standing commercial connections in the region and investments in selected business sectors: hotel ownership and development; real estate ownership and development and real estate services.

FMI has a number of hotel projects both completed and under development. The company’s real estate arm, Mayfair Land and Development (MLD), has been responsible for every stage of development of the Grace hotels on Mykonos and Santorini and is currently undertaking the comprehensive reconstruction of Grace Marrakech in Morocco.  MLD is also involved in the design phase of a major new hotel development at Kalamata in the Peloponnese.

FMI has long-standing commercial connections in the region."

FMI owns an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial real estate. The company is constantly assessing market conditions and extending our investment portfolio. FMI brings the region the tried and tested analytical rigour and best international work practices gained as a member of the Libra Group.

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