Track record


June 2017

Concordia Summits gain momentum in Latin America and Europe

Concordia convenes its first European summit in the Greek capital, Athens. Keynote speakers include former US Vice-President Joe Biden, and Jose Manuel Barroso who previously led the European Commission and Portuguese government.

May 2017

Lomar container ship rescues stranded Caribbean fishermen

Lomar ship MV Tampa Trader rescues five Caribbean fishermen 50 miles south of Haiti after their boat has engine failure and establishes contact with the Jamaican Defence Coast Guard.

March 2017

LCI leases helicopters for vital missions in Norway

Aviation division LCI leases three Leonardo AW169 helicopters to Airlift in Norway to support pilot-transfer operations around the North Sea and Norwegian Sea.

March 2017

Aria selects Santorini for new hotels in 2017

Aria Hotels continues to expand across the Greek isles with the addition of two new boutique properties for the 2017 season.

January 2017

Social responsibility milestones

Libra’s social responsibility programmes post significant milestones. The American Entrepreneurship Award opens for entries for the second year running, the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award enters its fifth cycle in Greece, and the Libra Internship Programme celebrates five years and hundreds of internship alumni.